Studio Projects Engineered/ Produced


Studio Projects Engineered/ Produced

Steve Martin - "So Familiar" LP (Engineer)

Steep Canyon Rangers - "Radio" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

The Asheville Symphony & Various Artists - "The Asheville Symphony Sessions" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

The Steel Woods - “Old News” LP (Engineer)

"Julian Price: Envisioning Community. Investing in Community" Documentary Film

(Soundtrack Editor/Engineer)

Casey Kristofferson Band - “Dirty Feet” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Mandolin Orange - “Tides of a Teardrop” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Mandolin Orange - "Such Jubilee" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Rising Appalachia - "Wider Circles" LP (Engineer, Mixing, Co-Producer)

Rising Appalachia - “Resiliency” Single (Engineer, Mixing)

The Avett Brothers - “Morning Song” Audio for music video (Engineer, Mixing)

BJ Leiderman - "BJ" LP (Engineer)

The Fritz - “Echo EP” EP (Engineer)

Acoustic Syndicate - “Rooftop Garden” LP (Engineer)

Town Mountain - “New Freedom Blues” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Town Mountain - “The Dead Sessions” EP (Engineer)

Songs From The Road Band - “Waiting on a Ride” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Songs From The Road Band - “Road to Nowhere (Engineer, Mixing)

Sue Richards and Robin Bullock - “Highland Ramble” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Hannah Kaminer - "Heavy Magnolias" LP (Engineer, Mixing, Producer)

Hannah Kaminer - "Acre by Acre" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Beth Snapp - “Don’t Apologize” LP (Engineer)

Rachael Kilgour - “Game Changer” (Engineer)

The Jon Stickley Trio - "Maybe Believe" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

The Jon Stickley Trio - "Lost at Last" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

The Jon Stickley Trio - "Triangular" EP (Mixing)

The Get Right Band - "Who's in Charge" LP (Engineer, Mixing, Co-Producer)

Posh Hammer - “Dancing in Place” EP (Engineer, Mixing)

Sirius B - "Stars and the Fishes" (Engineer, Mixing, Co-Producer)

The Ex-cons “Sea Shanties” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

The Grassland String Band - "The Echo Mountain Sessions" LP (Engineer)

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “No Party Like Halloween” Single (Engineer, Mixing)

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "Wake up the Dream" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo & The Asheville Symphony - "Mozartistic" EP (Engineer, Mixing)

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "Infinity Plus One" LP (Engineer, Mixing)[Grammy Winner]

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “The Perfect Quirk” LP (Engineer, Mixing) [Grammy Nominated]

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Make Believers” LP (Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixing)

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Underground Playground” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "Easy" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Empire Strikes Brass - "Theme for Celebration" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Chuck Lichtenburger - “This Is What Happens When” LP (Engineer)

Brian McWilliams - “Being Here” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Christopher Paul Stelling - Audio for video of various songs recorded live at Echo Mountain (Engineer, Mixing)

Don Clayton - “Land of the Sky” Single (Engineer, Mixing)

 The Company Stores - "Little Lights" LP (Engineer, Mixing, Co-Producer)

The Company Stores - "Learn to Love" single (Engineer, Mixing)

Kingdom Kome - "All Beasts Show Their Teeth" LP (Mixing)

Matt Townsend - "The Drifter and the Dream (Part 1)" EP (Engineer, Mixing)

The Broadcast - “Dodge the Arrow” LP (Engineer)

The Broadcast - “Every Step” Single (Engineer)

The Stray Birds - “Echo Sessions” EP (Engineer, Mixing)

Resonant Rogues - “Autumn of the World LP (Engineer)

Resonant Rogues - "Hands in the Dirt" LP (Engineer)

The Colby Deitz Band - “Sad Songs” Single (Engineer, Mixing)

The Colby Deitz Band - “ Roots” Single (Engineer, Mixing)

The Colby Dietz Band - "Revival" EP (Engineer, Mixing, Co-Producer)

Ali Randolph - "Southern Pride" (Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

Erica Russo - "Honey" LP (Mixing)

Heather Taylor - “Undercurrents” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Toubab Krewe - “TK2” LP (Engineer)

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band “Funk Life” - LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band “Onward!” - LP (Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixing)

Nikki Talley - "Out from the Harbor" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

The Cardinal Sons - “The Echo Choir EP” EP (Engineer, Mixing)

Rising Appalachia - “Filthy Dirty South” (Engineer, Mixing)

Chatham Co. Line - “Wildwood” LP (Engineer)

Scythian - “Bedlam” EP (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)

Scythian - “American Shanty” LP (Producer, Engineer, Mixing)

Devils in Dust - "Devils in Dust" EP (Engineer)

Jeff Santiago and Los Gatos Negros - “Rolling Towards The Moon” EP(Engineer, Mixing)

James Lee Burke - “Wayfaring Stranger” Audiobook (Engineer)

Steven King - “Dr. Sleep” Simon & Shuster Audiobook (Engineer)

Steven King - "Finders Keepers" Simon & Shuster Audiobook (Engineer)

Red Honey - “Red Honey and the Pleasure Chest” LP (Mixing)

Dancing Heals - “You Will Never Be Younger Than You Are Now” LP (Engineer)

Letters to Abigail - "Letters to Abigail" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Letters to Abigail - “Say Anything” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Rayna Gellert - “Old Light” LP (Engineer)

Daniel Bernard Roumaine and Laurelyn Dossett - “The Collide” LP(Engineer, Mixing)

E. Normous Trio - “Love & Barbiturates” LP (Engineer)

Shannon Whitworth and Barrett Smith - “Bring it on Home” LP(Engineer)

Leigh Glass and the Hazards - “Jezebel” LP (Engineer)

Yo Mamma’s Big Fat Booty Band - “Doin’ it Hard” LP (Mixing)

Electric Owls - "Aint Too Bright" LP (Production, Engineer, Mixing)

Agent 23 - “Monkeywrench” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Kev Rowe - “Hi Love” LP (Engineer)

Foulmouth Jerk - "Death By Misadventure" LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Foulmouth Jerk - “The Oldest Trick in the Book” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Adam Strange - “New Americana: Pop Culture Volume 2” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Samantha Crain - "Songs in the Night" LP (Engineer, Assistant Engineer)

Garaj Mahal & Fareed Haque - "Discovery: The Moog Guitar" (Engineer)

William Jackson - “New Harp” (Engineer)

Chris Jamison – “Sky Below Ground” EP (Mixing, Engineer)

Richard Shank – “A Single Step” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Aaron Price – “Glass Opera” LP (Mixing, Engineer, Assistant Engineer)

Dana and Susan Robinson – “Round My Door” LP (Engineer, Mixing)

Arizona – “The Glowing Bird” LP (Engineer, 2nd Engineer)


Echo Sessions

Live in studio video series

Echo Sessions

Live in studio video series

I also engineer/mix with Josh Blake the live in studio series “Echo Sessions” which can be seen on iamavl.com or on PBS.


Studio Projects Assisted

Studio Projects Assisted


Bask - “III” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Kishi Bashi - “Omoiyari” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Parker Millsap - “Other Arrangements” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Monster Truck - “True Rockers” (Assistant Engineer)

Widespread Panic - "Street Dogs" LP (Assistant Engineer)

Zac Brown Band - "Greatest Hits So Far" LP (Assistant Engineer)

White Denim - "Stiff" LP (Assistant Engineer)

Seth Avett - "Seth Avett and Jessica Lee Mayfield Sing Elliot Smith" LP (Assistant Engineer)

The Avett Bros. - “Magpie and the Dandelion” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Angel Olsen - “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Dawes - “Stories Don’t End” LP (Assistant Engineer)

IIIrd Tyme Out - “Bluegrassed” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Chris Velan - “The Long Goodbye” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Good Old War - "Tell Me What You Want From Me" LP (Assistant Engineer)

Monster Truck - “Furiousity” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Earphunk - “No Nine to Five” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Brandon Heath - “Blue Mountain” (Assistant Engineer)

Steep Canyon Rangers - “Nobody Knows You” LP (Assistant Engineer)

The Avett Brothers - “The Carpenter” (Assistant Engineer)

K’s Choice - “Little Echoes” (Assistant Engineer)

Ponderosa - “Pool Party” (Assistant Engineer)

The Zac Brown Band - “Uncaged” (Assistant Engineer)

The Honeycutters - “When Bitter Met Sweet” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Mercy Me - “The Hurt & The Healer” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Blackberry Smoke - “The Whippoorwill” LP (Assistant Engineer)

The Infamous String Dusters - “Silver Sky” LP (Assistant Engineer)

G. Love - “Fixin’ to Die” LP (Assistant)

Steve Martin/Steep Canyon Rangers - “Rare Bird Alert” LP (Assistant Engineer)

The Darkest Hour - “The Human Romance” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Day of Fire - “Losing All” LP (Assistant Engineer)

Colour Revolt - “The Cradle” LP (2nd Engineer)

John Brannen - “Bravado” LP (2nd Engineer)

Avett Brothers – "I and Love and You" LP (assistant engineer)

Avett Brothers – “Emotionalism” LP (2nd Engineer)

Avett Brothers – “The Second Gleam” EP (assistant engineer)

Band of Horses – “Cease to Begin” LP (assistant engineer)

Band of Horses - "Infinite Arms" LP (assistant engineer)

Tyler Ramsey – “A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea” LP (assistant engineer)

VHS or Beta – “Bring on the Comets” LP (assistant engineer)

Kellin Watson – “No Static” LP (assistant engineer)

Arizona – “Fameseeker and the Mono” EP (assistant engineer)

Eliza Lynn – “The Weary Wake Up” LP (2nd engineer)

Firecracker Jazz Band  - “Firecrackers Explode!” LP (assistant engineer)

Stephanie’s ID –  “Grus Americanus” LP (2nd engineer)

Bandazian – “Crocodile Tears EP” EP (2nd engineer)

Hickry Hawkins – “Hickry Hawkins” LP (2nd engineer)

Angi West – “Orange Thread in a Blue Sea” LP (assistant engineer)

Chatham County Line – “IV” LP (2nd engineer)

Lo Fi Breakdown – “This Piece of Ground“ LP (assistant engineer)

The Parlor Mob – “And You Were a Crow” LP (assistant engineer)

Amy Ray – “Didn’t It Feel Kinder” LP (2nd engineer)

Day of Fire - "Losing All" LP (assistant engineer)

Polvo - "In Prism" LP (assistant Engineer)