Julian makes my life easier when he engineers my productions. He’s musical. He has good opinions. He’s a good hang, and he helps me keep my clients happy and relaxed. This is why I hire him.
— Eric Serafin - a.k.a. Mixerman
During my time working on the new Steep Canyon Rangers record I had the pleasure of working with Julian Dreyer, who is the house engineer at Echo Mountain.
Previous to going into this project I was trying to decide who to take over to Asheville to engineer. Thinking the fellow there would be able to help out when ever we got into a jam with routing gear or whatever little studio glitch we encountered. Then I remembered the last conversation I had with a friend named Phil Ramone. He said if a studio has a good clean signal path and you have the guy who wired that path, use him to engineer the project. Do not introduce anything else into that path that isn’t part of the existing chain.
Phil was right. Julian was able to bring up whatever curveball I threw at him within three minutes and was amazingly easy to work with. I can’t imagine doing another project there without him.
— Jerry Douglas
Julian’s confident and thoughtful attitude towards his craft puts everyone he’s working with at ease. I have worked many long sessions with him and he has always been focused and thorough. Working aside Julian reminds me how lucky we are to get to record music for a living.
— Bob Crawford -- The Avett Bros.
Working with Julian Dreyer is a breeze and an honor. He is both swift as well as keenly aware of the minute details and magic that comes out in each and every sound on a record. Rising Appalachia has worked with Julian on two albums and each time we step into the studio we are met with professionalism, a friend, a co-producer as well as an incredible outside ear to our recording visions.
— Chloe Smith -- Rising Appalachia
When I walked into Echo Mountain Recording Studio to begin laying down the rhythm tracks for my debut album, Natural Public Leiderman, I was very nervous about the whole situation. In a short period of time, I realized that things were going extremely smoothly. Julian was on my wavelength, anticipating my every need, sonically and otherwise.
He is at the same time extremely laid-back and tuned-in to the project. And his work is exceptional.
The man knows what he’s doing and he will continue to be my “Go – To” engineer.
So stay away… Julian is mine.
— BJ Leiderman -- NPR Theme Composer
I’ve worked on several record sessions with Julian as head engineer and they were all flawless in every way. Julian is on top of the game, a true professional and a genuine nice guy with an easy personality. Being a sensitive musician he also reads minds. Everything I have a question about he already anticipates and takes care of it. Julian is a first choice engineer for any recording artist.
— Jeff Sipe -- Jeff Sipe Trio, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Susan Tedeschi
Warm, transparent and flexible describe Julian’s engineering. Julian is smart, present, focused and calm; a natural. It’s no coincidence that Julian is the chief engineer at Echo Mountain, one of the country’s finest recording facilities.
— Michael Selverne -- Musician, Producer, Music Executive, NYC.
In addition to raw talent and technical proficiency, Julian has something rare in sound engineers: intuition. He has the ability to understand where a project is heading and what the artist wants, sometimes before they even know themselves. He makes engineering an art form unto itself, manipulating the room and every piece of equipment inside it to produce something golden.
— Michael Ashworth -- Steep Canyon Rangers
Julian’s talents and experience as an engineer make him an ideal fit for any genre of music. It doesn’t hurt that he also loves what he does. I can only hope to work with him throughout his career.
— Josef Crosby -- co-founder of Scythian