Where do I start.  A good place is with the Asheville symphony.   For the last year I have been working on a record that is a collaborative effort between the Asheville symphony and 8 regional bands to create what has become a beautiful piece of music that crosses genres and generations. Not only was I afforded the opportunity to record singles with many of my favorite people from Asheville and the surrounding area but also forging new and wonderful relationships with the awesome gem of a symphony that we somehow have in this small town of Asheville.  I say somehow, but the more time I spend with the symphony director David Whitehill, the more I understand what the somehow is...  Its him.  This idea to put local bands together with the local symphony was the brainchild of my close friend, colleague, partner in crime, and all around badass Jessica Tomasin and David. They made it happen, and it happened.  It happened big time. They brought on Michael Selverne to oversee the musical production.  Michael, a seasoned pro in the music business, with decades of experience putting together major productions brought his A game and a bunch of great arrangers, copyists, and all the other unseen cogs in the machine that it takes to make something like this come off right.  The time I spent in the studio with Jessica, Michael, David, and all these amazing musicians was something I will never forget.  The results speak for themselves so all of my puffery is really unnecessary.  All you really need to do I check it out.  http://ashevillesymphony.org/sessions

Also, this spring I produced a record with an amazing Asheville band called The Get Right Band.   We spend many days in the studio making what is some of my best engineering work and what I think the band will agree is is their best musical effort to date.  I just wanna say that I love these guys.  I love the music they make, but I also love the people they are.   Making this record was not only a fulfilling creative experience but also a great fucking time.  We laughed at each other so much.  And In my mind, if you are creating and also having a ball, well it really doesn't get much better than that.  This record is not out yet and won't be until august but I can't wait for everyone to hear it because if you have half the good time listening to it that we had making it then we are all winners. Here is the first single from the record.   https://soundcloud.com/the-get-right-band/whos-in-charge-radio-edit

Annnnnnd, for all the kids out there I bring you yet another installment of the incomparable Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.  Yea thats right.  One of the things I am most proud of is working on Hip Hop for kids.  You know why? Because it ain't just for kids.  I am strong believer in the philosophy that kids don't need their music dumbed down. Screw Barney and the Telletubbies, and the Fresh Beat Band and all that other lowest common denominator crap I have been exposed to as a parent.  I mean its fine and all but we can do better, and we did.  Again. Like we always do.  This 23 Skidoo record made no compromises.  Yea we even pulled a 17 hour day right before mastering maybe because it had to be right.  Because we care.  We care about the kids and them having music that is worthy of them, but we also care about the parents that are gonna have to listen to it a thousand freaking times.  So we made sure it was right.  And it is.  It will be released in July right close to my birthday, because yea.  http://secretagent23skidoo.com/